The 'makizombie,' left, and the closed sign placed by authorities. The 'makizombie,' left, and the closed sign placed by authorities.

Officials close store after Zombie mannequin makes fun of mayor

The mayor appears not to have been amused by the Halloween decoration

What was meant as a ghoulish Halloween joke turned out to be rather more serious for a business owner in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

The owner of K1 Wine and Liquor found his business has been shut down by local authorities after he put a zombie mannequin wearing a photo of the city’s mayor, Maki Ortiz Domínguez, outside the entrance.

It appears that Mayor Ortiz did not see the humor in the prank although neither she nor her officials have offered a reason for the closure.

The doors to the store were taped shut with yellow “Clausurado” (Closed) stickers put there by municipal authorities on Monday.

The closure may not have pleased the owner of K1 Wine and Liquor, but it was a source of hilarity for those following the event on social media.

Photos of the mannequin and closed store went viral on social media, with users dubbing the decoration “Makizombie.”

“It looks like the mayor of #Reynosa #Tamaulipas doesn’t like the series The Walking Dead,” said one Twitter user. “They set up a mannequin with a photo of @MakiOrtizD, users christen it #Makizombie and they close the business . . .”

“#Makiavelian #Makizombie,” said another on Facebook. “I hope she doesn’t close my Facebook account.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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