Friday, February 23, 2024

Global Mexico: The inspiration behind a new Mexico News Daily series

There is so much going on between the United States and Mexico — and with Canada in the USMCA treaty — that it is easy to forget that Mexico has dynamic, fascinating and long-standing relationships with many other countries from around the world. Mexico’s profile continues to rise globally, and there are many great stories to tell.

Our team at MND is committed to reporting more and more on these stories. The motivation behind our “Global Mexico” series is to bring you a new perspective on Mexico in a global context — beyond the daily headlines that focus mostly on US-Mexico relations. Every country has its own different and unique relationship with Mexico, and we think it’s important to understand these stories to fully understand the country and its future.

This series will focus on the relationships between Mexico and key countries from around the world. We have been working very hard over these past few months — meeting with different embassies, chambers of commerce and social associations to uncover the stories behind “Global Mexico.”

We will share with you — through the interviews and reporting we are doing — the thoughts and perspectives of leaders, as well as important initiatives, investments and experiences of people from around the world in Mexico.

It’s important to remember that Mexico has been a world leader in free trade for years, with agreements currently signed with 50 nations. Countries from around the world increasingly are connecting with Mexico for myriad reasons — business, political, cultural, tourism and lifestyle. The stories behind these connections are fascinating.

What our team has covered so far is informative, educational and inspiring. We are committed to helping you better understand Mexico and its position on the world stage.

Our first series, “Australia in Focus,” launched last week and you can read all of the articles here.

In March we will have a week of articles focused on India, and more countries are in the works for the months to come. Stay tuned!

Thank you for supporting MND and helping us get better every day.

Travis Bembenek is the CEO of Mexico News Daily and has been living, working or playing in Mexico for over 27 years.


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