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Where are Mexico’s best swimming pools?

There is no combination better than Mexico and swimming pools, as the diverse landscapes and pleasant weather allow you to enjoy incredible views from the comfort of the water. The country’s extensive beaches, spanning 11,122 kilometers, make relaxing in the pool an integral part of Mexico’s tourist offerings. 

Recently, the variety of accommodation choices in the country has increased as platforms like Airbnb have expanded tourist options beyond traditional hotel accommodation — and many of these homes also come with their own (incredible) private pools.

View of the famous Peña de Bernal from the pool of the Casa Bernal. (@tomdepeyret/Casita MX)

Today, we present a curated collection of unique and stunning swimming spots throughout this country. From the desert mountains of Baja California Sur to the breathtaking Caribbean coast, prepare to discover some of the finest pools Mexico has to offer.


This amazing pool is a work of art. The visual harmony between the walls, the reflective surface that mirrors the water and the cactus, creates a surreal and dreamy ambiance. The space is situated within the brutalist architecture of Casa Bernal, located in the town of Peña de Bernal, Querétaro, known for the captivating view of the unique rock formation that defines that area.

The private home was built for Mexican architect Emmanuel Picault and his studio, Chic by Accident, a project that also serves as a gallery of antiques and contemporary design. The mix of talents within this project is reflected in the uniqueness of the pool; from every angle and every point you stand, you experience a different visual composition.

Puerto Escondido 

Futurism and dreaminess abounds at Casa Hezbo. (Casa Hezbo/Instagram)

Previously on Mexico News Daily, the exquisite Casa TO was featured in our compilation of the best brutalist buildings in the country. Located in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, this house is a creation of the renowned architect Ludwig Godefroy. Twin projects Casa VO and Casa Hezbo make it onto this list thanks to their remarkable pools, which evoke a futuristic experience akin to another world. The visual effects achieved by this architect are truly special.

Perhaps the most memorable of the dreamy spaces created by Godefroy in Puerto Escondido, the water serves as the center of the composition, resembling a tunnel of reality and a painting that foretells the future. Godefroy, a Mexican architect renowned for his brutalist style integrated with nature, established his studio, Ludwig Godefroy Architecture, in 2011.

Playa del Carmen

Mexican swimming pool
One of Mexico’s most photographed pools, Casa de la Playa offers a swim unlike any other. (Casa de la Playa)

La Casa de la Playa showcases a charming style that culminates in one of the most photographed pools in Mexico. The cantilevered pool is a favorite Instagram spot for a reason – it evokes a floating bridge which seamlessly blends with the Caribbean waters. Moreover, each of the 63 hotel suites at La Casa de la Playa include a balcony-style floating pool, further enhancing the appeal of the property. A transparent pool suspended between two buildings elevates the swimming experience to an entirely new level of amazement.

Created by architect David Quintana, La Casa de la Playa is highly exclusive and adults only. One of its notable characteristics is the visual impact of each of its views, which are all an awesome experience in their own right.

Baja California Sur

Swim among rocks and salt water in Los Cabos. (The Cape, A Thompson Hotel)

In Todos Santos, a quiet location named “Paradero” harmoniously blends the extraordinary beauty of the desert mountains. The serene pool water creates an infinite effect that sparkles within the unpredictable landscape. Moving on to Baja California Sur, we would also like to highlight the stunning pool in Los Cabos, fed with salt water and nestled among natural rocks at The Cape, A Thompson Hotel.

Paradero Todos Santos was designed by architects Yashar Yektajo and Rubén Valdez. As they explain on their website, this remarkable building was inspired by the desert: “In this project, we aimed to emphasize the dynamic natural movement of the desert, exploring and highlighting the topography shaped by its winds and elements that contribute to its sensory appeal,” the team explained to Arch Daily.

The design of The Cape was a collaborative effort involving Mexican architect Javier Sánchez of JSa Arquitectura, Marisabel Gómez Vázquez of the interior design firm Arquitectura de Interiores, ceramicist Jose Noé Suro.


The heart of Oaxaca’s historic center and the comfort of a pool, does life get any better? (Otro Oaxaca)

Offering one of the most iconic and breathtaking views in Oaxaca City, Otro Oaxaca is a design hotel with a rooftop pool that is truly inspiring. From this vantage point, you can admire the towers of the Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the entirety of the historic center of Oaxaca.

The design of this pool (and building) was overseen by João Boto Caeiro of ROOTSTUDIO, while the interior design was handled by Carlos Couturier of Grupo Habita. The building drew inspiration from Mitla, an ancient Zapotec archaeological site situated 40 kilometers from the city of Oaxaca. The ground floor of the building has a spa featuring a 7-meter diameter pool with a brick dome that creates the effect of natural light streaming into the center, reminiscent of the cenotes found across the southern region of Mexico.


With the Metropolitan Cathedral and Zócalo in full view, this city center pool offers relaxation like no other. (Círculo Mexicano)

Situated on the rooftop of the design hotel Círculo Mexicano, this pool offers a panoramic view of downtown Mexico City. From the water, you can gaze upon the iconic towers of the Catedral Metropolitana, the oldest Baroque building in Latin America, as well as other iconic buildings like the Torre Latinoamericana. Additionally, this location holds significance as the birthplace and childhood home of Manuel Álvarez Bravo, the famed Mexican photographer, adding an extra layer of magic to the experience.

The building was designed by Ambrosi | Etchegaray, and the interior was a collaboration between La Metropolitana and Carlos Couturier. According to their website, “The idea was to reimagine a 19th-century residential building, envisioning the ground floor as a modern marketplace.”

San Miguel de Allende

Its transparent pool is another spectacle in the interior of this building. (Casa Oratorio/Instagram)

The Hotel Oratorio provides a delightful view of the towers in San Miguel de Allende, complemented by the serenity of its pool. It is truly a pleasure to behold the iconic sights, including the towers of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel and other classic buildings in San Miguel de Allende. Additionally, this pool offers a unique feature as it is transparent and serves as a visible ceiling inside the building; while at the same time, the swimmer can see down intothe hotel.

On the rooftop, you will also find comfortable loungers, where you can relax and enjoy the view while savoring a drink from their bar and food service.

Punta Mita, Nayarit 

The W Punta de Mita pool is designed to incorporate traditional Wixárika art. (All Inclusive Outlet)

Undoubtedly, the tiles of this pool make it truly unique, as the pattern they create pays homage to traditional Wixárika design. The Huichol tribe, also known as the Wixárika, are a prominent indigenous group, renowned for their art, which is inspired by visions induced by peyote. This remarkable pool is located at Hotel W Punta de Mita, just a short drive from Puerto Vallarta. What sets it apart is that the pool extends inside the hotel, seamlessly crossing through the bar and other significant areas of the property.

Another special feature of this pool is that it is supported by columns, creating the illusion of a floating pool and a sense of infinity when you are at the pool’s edge. The project was developed by ASET / AOMA in collaboration with the Oakland-based design firm Mister Important Design and the award-winning design studio Starwood.

Have we missed your vote for Mexico’s best pool? Have you been lucky enough to swim in any of these amazing spots? Let us know in the comments.

Ana Paula de la Torre is a Mexican journalist and collaborator for various outlets including Milenio, Animal Político, Vice, Newsweek en Español, Televisa and Mexico News Daily.


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