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The tiny British school serving Mexican spirit in the heart of...

What sort of magic occurs when traditional British education meets inclusive and holistic Mexican culture?
Real del Monte, Hidalgo

Retrospective: The UK on Mexico News Daily

A look back at stories Mexico News Daily has covered on the cultural, artistic, gastronomic and sports history of Brits in Mexico.
Cornish Pasty Mexican Paste

How Mexico claimed a classic British food as its own

The history of the state of Hidalgo is tied to an English mining town, an epic journey to a new life in Mexico and the traditional miners lunch the immigrants brought with them.
Satellite image of the United Kingdom and Mexico

The United Kingdom vs Mexico in Numbers

Dig into the statistics on demographics, geography, tourism, football and more in this data-driven story of Mexico News Daily's "UK in Focus" week.
Edward James Las Pozas

5 eccentric Brits who made their mark on Mexico

Artists, writers, diplomats – Britain has a long history of producing interesting characters, many of whom have crossed paths with Mexican history.
Union Jack and Mexico flag

The British Embassy in Mexico has a vibrant vision for 2024

The British Embassy in Mexico shares its ambitions for 2024 to foster trade and promote cultural exchange between the United Kingdom and Mexico.

‘You can’t get bored in Mexico’: A food tour of Mexico City with a...

Bethany Platanella learns how Mexican cuisine in the is gaining in popularity in the U.K., as the nation of fish and chips falls in love with the taco.

Meet Susan Chapman: A cultural connector between Mexico and the UK

Susan Chapman has been the bridge for arts and culture between Mexico and the United Kingdom since the 1970s.

Spencer Mahony, UK deputy trade commissioner for Latin America, talks to Mexico News Daily

In this interview, Mahony explains how the U.K. and Mexico are working together in key sectors, from automotive to pharmaceuticals to cybersecurity.
A UK flag and a Mexican flag

Mexico and the UK: 200 years of diplomatic, commercial and cultural history

Mexico News Daily continues the Global Mexico series with an exploration of the 200-year-old relationship between the United Kingdom and Mexico.