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The British Embassy in Mexico has a vibrant vision for 2024

The British Embassy in Mexico has set ambitious goals for 2024, including strengthening trade and investment opportunities, championing climate action and fostering cultural and educational exchange.

We want to share a quick overview of our work and our plans for the year and beyond.

Bicentennial celebrations

In 2023, the diplomatic relationship between the United Kingdom and Mexico reached a significant milestone as the two countries celebrated two centuries of friendship. The Embassy is planning a year-long jubilee in 2024, in tandem with institutions such as the British Council, the Anglo Foundation, the Instituto Nacional Politécnico, Raindance Festival, and many others, to showcase the profound bonds shared by the U.K. and Mexico. 

From art exhibitions and literary festivals to culinary showcases and musical performances, the bicentenary celebrations will serve as a testament to the enduring friendship and cultural exchange between both nations, fostering greater appreciation and understanding between people. 

Fostering trade and investment

One of the Embassy’s missions is to drive trade and investment between the United Kingdom and Mexico, placing a special emphasis on innovative services and eco-friendly technologies geared towards curbing carbon emissions. Moreover, the Embassy is committed to supporting British enterprises that invest in Mexico, thus creating high-quality employment opportunities and boosting economic growth. By nurturing cross-border partnerships and facilitating trade missions, the Embassy is cultivating a thriving ecosystem of commerce that benefits both countries.

Collaborative diplomacy

Collaboration knows no bounds, and for the Embassy it is key to forge partnerships and alliances with like-minded diplomatic missions and international organizations. Through this approach, we aim at enhancing our capacity to address global challenges and provide consular assistance and support to British citizens in need, ensuring their safety and well-being abroad. 

Strengthening bilateral ties

The Embassy has a great interest in bolstering the trade ties between countries. This includes working towards the ratification of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) by mid-2024, while advancing bilateral negotiations and promoting mutual understanding and cooperation. Through diplomatic engagements and strategic dialogues, the Embassy endeavors to keep fostering a climate of trust and collaboration between the United Kingdom and Mexico, paving the way for increased political cooperation and shared prosperity. 

Promoting shared values

Deep-rooted in the Embassy’s ethos is the commitment to fostering collaboration with Mexico on democratic principles and the rule of law. With the aim of strengthening democratic institutions and promoting good governance practices, our teams offer capacity-building initiatives and knowledge-sharing platforms. By doing so, the Embassy aims ensures the protection of human rights and the rule of law while navigating multifaceted and challenging geopolitical landscapes.

Cybersecurity synergy

In the digital world, the Embassy is working on establishing robust partnerships with Mexican authorities on issues of cybersecurity. The goal is to create proactive strategies that can prevent cyber threats and ensure inclusivity and resilience in the digital domain. By collaborating on cybersecurity initiatives and information-sharing mechanisms, the Embassy strives to enhance cyber defense capabilities and mitigate emerging threats. 

Championing climate action

The battle against climate change is one of the Embassy’s top missions and commitments. Through the support of the UK PACT, it is empowering state governments to navigate the complexities of decarbonization by creating updated regulatory frameworks. By promoting sustainable development practices and green technologies, the Embassy is fostering the acceleration of the transition to a low-carbon economy and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Through partnerships with Mexican government agencies, civil society organizations, and the private sector, the Embassy is mobilizing resources and expertise to address the urgent challenges posed by climate change and build a more sustainable and resilient future for all. 

Enhancing the work environment

Internally, the Embassy has as a mission to keep fostering an environment of inclusivity and positivity through policies and practices. By promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and providing opportunities for professional development and growth, the Embassy is empowering its employees by creating a culture of excellence and innovation. 

Showcasing British tourism

Mexico is a desired destination for British nationals. Thus, the Embassy helps in promoting the country’s stunning landscapes and supporting British expatriates living in Mexico. Through cultural exchange and tourism promotion of Mexico diverse, cultural heritage, the Embassy is strengthening people-to-people ties and cross-cultural understanding and appreciation between the United Kingdom and Mexico. 

In summary, the British Embassy in Mexico is embarking on a fruitful and impactful journey in 2024, with a strong commitment to fortify the enduring bond between both countries and build a brighter future for generations to come. Through innovation, collaboration, and shared values, the Embassy is paving the way for a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive partnership between the United Kingdom and Mexico, grounded in mutual respect, trust, and most importantly, friendship.

Written by Fernanda Esquivel, press and communications assistant at the British Embassy in Mexico.

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