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Laugh along with our Mexican memes of the week

It’s been an intense couple of months, hasn’t it? But never fear: your dose of Mexican memes (translated into English) has arrived! Whether you’re looking for an equivalent to the funny papers of old or wanting to learn a bit more Spanish than you did before, we’ve got you covered.


Dog chilaquiles meme

Meme translation: “Today we’re going to be making some grey chilaquiles.”

What does it meme? First of all, pitbull faces are the most adorable faces. They’re naturally smiling! I don’t see how anyone could not love them.

But I digress. Ever had chilaquiles? I bet you have, mostly because every foreigner I have ever known, except me, seems to think they’re the best breakfast you could possibly have in Mexico (I myself am an enfrijoladas girl). 

Anyway! When you order chilaquiles, the waiter will always ask if you’d like them “red” or “green,” depending on which salsa you’d like. Green salsa tends to be a bit spicier and sometimes a tad more tart, while the red salsa has a roastier taste to them which I myself prefer.

If you’re a colorblind dog, there’s only one color for salsa: grey. But we’re fine with the dog jumping on the YouTube recipe bandwagon: that smile was made to be seen!

Things that make Mexicans sad meme

Meme translation: “Things that make Mexicans sad: when your chicharrón gets soggy; when your corn falls; finishing your meal and realizing you didn’t add the avocado; not catching the tamal vendor.”

What does it meme? Mexicans really love their food. We all really love our food, I suppose, but they do have some extra delicious recipes around here. 

So when something happens that makes you unable to eat that food, it’s a sad, sad time.

I’m guessing all the food above is familiar except, perhaps, the first one: chicharrón preparado. Chicharrón is pork rind, a favorite snack around here. In the form above it’s more a gigantic, crispy chip than anything, and all kinds of goodies get put on top of it: mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado, and of course a nice and spicy sauce to top it all off. 

But its ultimate fate is similar to that of an ice cream cone: enjoy it in the moment, or it could all come apart in a devastating pile at your feet.

Meme translation: “Miss, could you put on some classical music, please?” “Yes, madam.” (on record cover: “Cumbia Classics”)

What does it meme? Well. She didn’t specify what kind of classical music, I suppose! (Classic and classical are the same word in Spanish, by the way.)

Mexicans will say “It’s a classic!” in the same way we do when referring to any number of things, including music. And for some reason cumbia, a Carribean style of music from Colombia that’s similar to salsa, has a reputation for being less desirable and not as classy; note the spelling with the “k” above.

But that doesn’t stop people from loving it…even at fancy restaurants!

Meme translation: “My trainer:” “Me:”

What does it meme? This is about where we all are on our New Year’s resolutions, yes?

All those chilaquiles, chicharrones, elotes, and tamales add up in the end. But after trying them, most people shout a resounding “worth it!” in response.

Don’t fret, the year’s not over. We’ve still got six months!

Meme translation: “Let whatever has to happen, happen.” *What has to happen happens.* “Me: It can’t be!”*

What does it meme? This is one of my favorite memes ever, because it’s such a perfect (and funny) illustration of the human tendency to feel strong in a moment of resolve. We might “give it to God” or say, “Okay, I’ve done all I can!” and then we start to freak out when the wheels actually start turning.

It’s the bird’s face that really does it for me: that shocked look we get when predictable consequences fall upon us.

It can be, little bird. And it is.

Sarah DeVries is a writer and translator based in Xalapa, Veracruz. She can be reached through her website,


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