The eight suspects in Friday's multiple homicide in Juárez. The eight suspects in Friday's multiple homicide in Juárez.

8 alleged gang members arrested in Ciudad Juárez massacre case

2 confessed to the multiple homicide after they were arrested on drug charges

Three women and five men were arrested yesterday in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, in connection with the homicide of 11 people on Friday.

Municipal police said the suspects are members of the Aztecs, a criminal gang with ties to the Juárez Cartel.

It appears the motive behind the multiple homicide was revenge for the murder of Jonathan René “El Titis” Hernández Pérez. His dismembered body was found in the Gómez Morín neighborhood on May 28.

Two of the suspects, René H. C. and Karina Ruby, are Hernández’s parents and were arrested on drug charges along with another woman.

It was while the women were giving their statements that both confessed to their involvement in Friday’s massacre.

According to the women, René H. C. ordered gang members to torture and kill the 11 people to avenge the death of his son. The 11 victims belonged to the Mexicles and Assassin Artists crime gangs.

The statements given by the women led to the arrest of the other five suspects in the multiple homicide.

The dead were found in a home in the Praderas de los Oasis neighborhood and showed signs of torture. Two of the women had been sexually assaulted, and all were shot in the head with high-caliber weapons.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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