the monstrance There was movement in the central part of the monstrance that resembled a beating heart.

Church-goers claim miracle in Jalisco; archbishop urges prudence

The church's monstrance was seen palpitating like a beating heart

Did parishioners of a Catholic Church in Jalisco witness a miracle last week? Many seem to think they did although the church itself is urging caution in reaching conclusions about what they saw.

But one church-goer recorded the event on video and it shows the church’s monstrance, a vessel that contained the consecrated Eucharistic host — the wafer used during communion, palpitating like a beating heart.

The video taken at Nuestra Señora del Rosario church in Zapotlanejo has gone viral on the web, and the incident is being described as a miracle by the church’s priest, the Rev. Carlos Spahn. He said a medical doctor has reviewed the tape and concurred that the palpitations mimicked that of a beating heart.

The Rev. Antonio Gutiérrez Montaño, representative of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara, has urged Mexico’s faithful to be cautious, saying there’s been no formal request for an investigation by the archbishop and that in general, the office of the archdiocese is hesitant to believe in such miracles.

“Through an investigation, an official declaration can be made about whether something naturally inexplicable happened, or something imaginary …. to determine if it is real or not so that people will not be fooled. The best thing to do is to be very cautious, very prudent, and know that the real eucharist, the concrete one, doesn’t require supernatural elements. The celebration of each Mass that we attend as believers is a miracle,” said Gutiérrez.

He also said an investigation would take into account scientific evidence, the testimony of witnesses, and analysis from a doctrinal point of view.

Meanwhile, at the parish of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in the city of Zapopan, also in Jalisco, another possible miracle is awaiting an investigation: parishioners saw a statue of the Virgin Fatima crying blood on May 13.

Reports from Mural and NTV

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