Highway danger areas according to Google Maps. Highway danger areas according to Google Maps.

Google Maps offers crime zone warnings for drivers in Puebla

Robbery danger areas marked at two points on the Mexico City-Puebla highway

Google Maps is warning drivers about danger spots in the state of Puebla on the Mexico City-Puebla highway by indicating them as zona de asaltos (robbery zones) or asaltos expréss (express robberies).

The one labeled “robbery zone (danger)” is located in Santa María Moyotzingo, San Martín Texmelucan, Puebla, notorious for its high level of criminal activity. Robberies against motorists have occurred on the highway but in addition a location near the highway has become famous for robberies, killings and assaults. The crimes committed here are often against buyers or sellers of various products contacted through social media networks and asked to meet at this point for the exchange of goods for money.

The second, bearing the designation “express robberies,” is in the municipality of San Salvador El Verde, where drivers have reported flat tires caused by traffic spikes placed by thieves to force vehicles to stop.

Google Maps has added several safety features to its platform over the years, including alerting users to natural disasters, car accidents, and even the risk of gunfire. The communities of Santa María Moyozingo have witnessed an excessive rise in violence over the past years, with local authorities seemingly unable to control it. Most of the cases have involved members of organized crime gangs.

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