The abuelitas in their limo on the way to the party. The abuelitas in their limo on the way to the party. Facebook / Hada Madrina Ari Falcon

14 grandmothers find it’s never too late for 15th birthday celebration

Reynosa's 'fairy godmother' helped make a dream come true

A group of grandmothers in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, had a dream come true this past week when they celebrated the quinceañera, or 15th birthday party, that they were unable to have when they were younger.

The women, who came from poor backgrounds and whose families were unable to provide them with this traditional celebration when they were teenagers, were able to fulfill the dream of dressing like a princess and dancing the night away thanks to Ariana Falcón.

Falcón, now known as Reynosa’s “fairy godmother,” has been organizing quinceañeras for girls whose families either don’t have the money for a big, fabulous party or are unable to for a different reason. Many of the young girls she has worked with have serious chronic or terminal illnesses.

It started with Falcón’s own quinceañera, which she said was possible only with the collaboration of friends and families who donated food, music, and even make-up and hair services, as her family wasn’t able to afford it on their own. She later loaned her quinceañera dress — known for their elaborateness and fairy princess-like esthetic — to another girl that didn’t have one, then later she gave it away to a different girl.

Falcón has been working the last 10 years to organize parties for girls who wouldn’t get them otherwise and has helped to host over 200 events.

This past week was the opportunity for 14 older women who were never able to fulfill their dream to enjoy the splendor of a 15th birthday party.

A television news channel shared footage of the festivities.

“I woke up so excited for something marvelous, it’s truly like a fairy tale movie. I mean at this age, none of us would have imagined having a party like this,” said Oralia González, one of the women celebrating.

The party included food, music, gifts and even a limousine, all donated by members of the community within Falcón’s network of “fairy godmothers.”

“Each one of them has a history of something hard, like diabetes, leukemia, so today is the moment to have fun, I believe each of them deserves to be treated as a queen,” said Falcón.

With reports from TV Azteca and Hoy Tamaulipas

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