amlo AMLO's happy but 40% could be happier.

Poll finds we’re not so happy after all; 5% are not happy at all

Global happiness study puts Mexico in the middle of the field of 28 countries

Despite President López Obrador’s recent claim that the Mexican people are “happy, happy, happy,” a new survey says otherwise.

The country ranked 17th in Ipsos Global Advisor’s 2019 Global Happiness Study.

The survey analyzed the happiness levels of 28 countries worldwide based on the satisfaction inhabitants feel with regard to health, security, economy and consumer confidence, among other indicators.

It used factors and terminology such as living conditions, health and physical wellbeing, personal safety and security, hobbies and interests and others.

Mexico ended up in the middle of the list, with 17% of its citizens claiming to be “very happy.”

Among those surveyed, 42% said they were “rather happy,” while 35% declared they were “not very happy,” and 5% of Mexicans said they were “not happy at all.”

Of the six Latin American countries surveyed, Mexico came in third after Brazil and Peru. Colombia was right on Mexico’s heels, and Argentina turned out to be the unhappiest country surveyed.

Australia and Canada topped the list as the “world’s happiest countries,” where fewer than 15% of respondents claimed to be unhappy.

Happiness across the globe as a whole, however, fell 6% in comparison with 2018.

Sources: Milenio (sp)

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