The cartel apparently threatened to kidnap the influencer if they see him in Guadalajara "or anywhere else" in retaliation for his bridge stunt. The cartel appears to have threatened to kidnap the influencer if they see him in Guadalajara "or anywhere else," in retaliation for blocking traffic in their territory. Instagram @mr.fofomqz

TikToker who shut down bridge traffic threatened by the Jalisco cartel

'We're the ones in charge in Jalisco and all of Mexico,' said a message attributed to the CJNG

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) has threatened to kidnap a social media influencer who earlier this month boasted about shutting down traffic on a busy Guadalajara bridge.

Rodolfo “Fofo” Márquez and unidentified accomplices blocked all three lanes of the Matute Remus bridge in the Jalisco capital by parking luxury cars across them. “Look, I closed … [the bridge] just for me, showing once again what money and power can do in Mexico,” he said in a TikTok video.

Márquez later apologized for his actions, but his expression of remorse apparently didn’t placate the CJNG. In a social media message that was purportedly written by the cartel but whose authenticity has not been confirmed, the CJNG called Fofo “scum” and condemned his stunt on the Guadalajara bridge.

“It’s an act that we don’t tolerate,” the cartel said, adding that it would never allow an “asshole like this to come [to Jalisco] to do these kinds of things.”

A screenshot shows the threat published by a group supposedly affiliated with the CJNG.

“We’re the ones who are in charge in Jalisco and all of Mexico,” the message said before warning Fofo to be careful.

“We won’t allow you to come to Guadalajara thinking that you can do what you want. Here in Jalisco ‘El Mencho’ is in charge,” the cartel said in reference to its leader Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes.

The CJNG then warned Márquez that it would abduct him if it saw him in Guadalajara or anywhere else, and that his money would be of no use to him. “Not even all the money you have will help you,” the cartel told Márquez, who claims to be the heir to a significant fortune.

The message was posted by a social media account that operates under the name Gente con la gente NG, or People with the NG (New Generation) people.

With reports from Plumas Atómicas and Unión Jalisco 

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