Ben Pike shares his journey from San Francisco, California, to Los Cabos in Baja California Sur on social media, as @the_barefoot_dream Ben Pike shares his journey from San Francisco to Los Cabos on Instagram as @the_barefoot_dream. Instagram

Traveler does the Baja Peninsula on an electric unicycle

After Los Cabos, he plans to continue on to the mainland

Known to his fans as @the_barefoot_dream on Instagram, Ben Pike is an adventure traveler, sometimes nudist, and all-around crazy character who claims to have visited 130 countries in the last 15 years. Now he is making his way from San Francisco, California, all the way to Los Cabos in Baja California Sur.

He had reportedly only planned to make this trip, in which his preferred transportation is an electric unicycle, from San Francisco to Tijuana, but apparently decided he had not had his fill quite yet of beautiful Baja and wanted to continue the adventure.

On Instagram you can watch videos of Ben unicycling through long stretches of Baja’s gorgeous coastline, surfing with a rainbow-colored parrot, and riding through Baja in a dune buggy with new friends, following his adventures through the western part of North America.

On Friday, after almost six weeks traveling, Ben had an issue with his unicycle and had to walk in 100-degree heat to Mulege, a small beach side town on the Gulf of California on Baja California’s east coast. He has said he plans to continue to Mazatlán, Sinaloa, after he reaches Los Cabos.

Why travel all this way with almost nothing on your back and just an electric unicycle under you? Ben explains on Instagram that he’s happiest when he’s pushing himself to the limits of his comfort zone and believes that when you do that you always find the best people, people that are happy to help you along the way. Long the destination of happy wanderers of all stripes, Baja California is the natural environment for a summer adventure, and will no doubt welcome this adventurer as it has the thousands of others that have graced its immense and wild landscape.

With reports from BCS Noticias and San Diego Red

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