Record-setting dancers yesterday in Xalapa. Record-setting dancers yesterday in Xalapa.

Veracruz dancers break a Guinness record with La Bamba

Over 2,000 people danced simultaneously to the famous anthem

Yet another Guinness World Record was set on Mexican soil yesterday: 2,370 men, women and children danced simultaneously to the Mexican folk song La Bamba.

The successful record attempt took place in the historic center of Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz.

La Bamba, an example of Veracruz’s son jarocho musical style, is considered an anthem of the Gulf coast state.

The song was played live during yesterday’s mass dance by the group Tlen Huicani.

However, it was not just jarochos, as natives of Veracruz are known, who had the honor of claiming the new record as dancers from México state, Puebla, Hidalgo and Morelos, among other states, also took part.

All the participants dressed in traditional white costumes adorned with red neck ties for men and red scarves for women.

The annual record attempt was organized by the folkloric ballet ensemble of the University of Veracruz.

The previous La Bamba record was set a year ago by 1,938 professional and amateur dancers.

All manner of weird and wonderful Guinness World Records have been set in Mexico.

They include the world’s biggest marzipan, the biggest bead mosaic, the largest foosball tournament and – of course – preparation of the largest number of flautas, or crispy, fried tacos.

Source: Excélsior (sp), Al Calor Político (sp) 

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