giant penis The new sculpture at the cemetery in Misantla.

Veracruz woman gets her last wish: a giant penis to adorn her grave

Doña Catarina considered the organ worthy of honor and reverence

A Veracruz woman got her dying wish last Saturday when a giant penis sculpture was erected atop her gravestone in Ignacio Zaragoza, Misantla. Catarina Orduña, called Doña Cata by friends and family, was surely laughing in her grave, as she often did in life according to her family, at the sight of onlookers taking photos with the larger-than-life penis that now decorates the local cemetery.

Doña Cata was known for her humor, sharp tongue, and sometimes racy conversation. She was a long-time political activist and could often be found talking to local politicians both during their campaigns and after they won.

According to her family, she lamented the fact that there were so many public monuments to politicians, lawyers, doctors, and teachers, but none to the penis, a reproductive organ she considered worthy of honor and reverence. She even believed that the penis should have its own holiday when its importance as a tool of pleasure could be celebrated by all. Her family said that Doña Cata was never embarrassed by talking about sex and didn’t believe that others should be either.

The woman requested before she died that they erect the penis sculpture atop her grave to remind all who knew her of her joyful and playful character in life. The sculpture, created by architect Isidro Lavoignet, was well-received by the cemetery according to the family. They said they knew of no other monument quite like it in another cemetery in the country.

Doña Catarina was born in 1921 and lived to 100. She had nine children and many grandchildren, one of whom, Álvaro Mota Limón, went on to be the mayor of Misantla in the early 2000s.

With reports from Publimetro and Formato 7

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