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The complete journal of B. Jay Antrim allows the reader to fully appreciate what Mexico, Mexicans and travel were like in 1849.

Environmental controversy could be an opportunity to give Mexico City something more transformative than a shiny new airport.

Despite an official commitment to the rights of migrants, Mexico has followed the U.S.’s punitive lead on immigration.

José Clemente Orozco is doing marvelous things with books in the Jalisco capital.

From the start of Mexico’s latest general election campaign, left-wing candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (or “AMLO”) has for weeks been the clear favourite to win. This is his third…

Maru Toledo, an award-winning cook, culinary researcher, radio personality and author of at least 20 cookbooks, keeps old techniques alive.

Mexico’s next president will be Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor and outspoken critic of the political establishment both in Mexico and the United States. The 64-year-old…

In a hidden-away arroyo in Jalisco, botanists were amazed to see not just one maple tree but a whole woods full of them, an ancient fir-maple-conifer cloud forest.

It has the potential to transform the country as it dislodges its ruling elite, challenges the economic consensus and promises to eradicate violence and corruption.

With López Obrador’s landslide victory in the Mexican election, the Sino-Mexican partnership will almost certainly deepen further.

The prisons cells of an old penitentiary seem an unlikely place for exhibition rooms but that is where you will find the new museum in the city of San Luis…

The axolotl lpopulation in Lake Xochimilco — where they had thrived in pre-Hispanic times — dropped from 6,000 per square kilometer in 1998 to only 35 in 2014.

‘After six years of Enrique Peña Nieto, waiting one hour for change is not that long,’ said one voter at a lineup in Durango.

López Obrador has built a hybrid political machine designed to unite powerful political elites regardless of ideology. It looks a lot like the old PRI.

Does blue corn flavor gelato sound appealing? Avocado? Those are just two of the many flavors being dreamed up by “gelatician” José Luis Cervantes.

The decision to impose steel tariffs was made without proof that Mexican steel imports are, in fact, taking advantage of the United States.

Bosque Urbano is the name of a huge nursery in the northwest of the city and responsible for the planting of thousands of trees per week.

Seniors in Santo Domingo Tonalá have found community within a zumba beat through the efforts of a non-profit support group.

Gerry Smith knows books and ‘Bola’ Domene knows music. Together they offer what might be the biggest and best used book and record shop in Latin America.

An ingenious rainwater harvesting system developed by a Mexico City organization is helping the most marginalized communities have access to clean water.

Ciudad Juárez’s 2017 suicide rate of 8.9 per 100,000 was nearly twice what it was in 2010. Last year, nearly 12,000 residents tried to kill themselves.

La María is a crater lake in Colima, an enchanting, hidden-away place where you can enjoy a fireworks show of a sort at night.

His father’s love of wine first got Mauricio Ruiz Cantú interested in the winemaking process. Now he and his partner have two labels.

Jalisco craftspeople transform rough chunks of the natural volcanic glass into creations of all kinds in their workshop near Guadalajara.

Mesquite is widely known as a tree but its beans are also the source of a highly nutritious flour that is gaining popularity as a superfood.

The sanctuary is located in La Manzanilla, covers some 264 hectares and has a population of 400 to 500 American crocodiles.

Security reforms are likely to take much longer than anticipated and even implemented swiftly they are unlikely to directly improve the situation.

A generations-old tradition of making beautiful bags from maguey fibers lives on in isolated villages in the mountains of Chiapas.

The river is born deep inside a canyon where it literally boils out of the walls, a testimony to the continuing presence of magma deep beneath the surface.

Once a vibrant mining town, Real de Catorce saw its peak in the 19th century with a population of 15,000 dedicated to mining silver.

How did it get to the point that the United States’ most important trading partner appears to be an afterthought in talks fundamental to Canadian national interests?

Solar energy by its nature it leaves a certain problem: it generates no energy at night, meaning it must be stored. That’s where pumped storage comes in.

When many people think of Los Cabos what generally comes to mind is glitz, glamour and all-inclusive hotel options accompanied by luxury excursions.

They raise sugar cane and corn on the 160-acre farm and a huge, modern greenhouse supplies all the vegetables served in the gourmet restaurant.

Free tortas were given away as part of a “tortathon” to raise awareness about the eviction of Torta Robles.

While the media are forever filled with chatter about futbol and béisbol, there is another sport dear to the heart of many which rarely ever makes the news.

But while Cuarón himself is a great cheerleader for Mexican cinema his success is unlikely to lead to a wider distribution and exposure of Mexican films.

Designers are looking to put Mexico on the map in terms of design and architecture, showing Mexican work to be new, fresh and truly inspiring.

A beautiful long meadow with white wisps rising from fumaroles, bathing the hillside in steam day and night, makes a great place to camp.

The creation of a pizzeria with a social empowerment focus was an organic and natural one for Alejandro Souza. “Innovation has always been a passion of mine,” he said, explaining…

The disappearance of 43 students four years ago put the level of collusion between organized crime and security forces on stark display.

Exchanging a few hours of work for accommodations and food opens new horizons for youth — or retirees, for that matter.

Mexicans have taken US President Trump to the cleaners on NAFTA, the newly agreed-to United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA.

I have a fear of small towns. It is an anxiety born of growing up in one. Their sleepy plazas, the stray dogs snoozing in the shadows of buildings, it…

The Comala Cascades are three spectacular waterfalls hidden away in the woods near the town of Comala with pools, places for diving and even a waterslide.

Tour for nature lovers includes birdwatching, lunch by local chefs and hopes of seeing an axolotl in the wild.

Archaeological site considered important because it was occupied continuously for 17 to 19 centuries is now open to the public.

Say the words “Riviera Nayarit” and your mind will likely conjure up thoughts of surfing beaches, secluded bays and water sports. But polo?

The most recent works of the Austrian-born artist are currently on display at the Jalisco Chamber of Commerce in Guadalajara.

One man is conspicuously missing from the annual event: Bob Bisbee Sr., founder of this “Superbowl of Sportfishing, passed away earlier this year.

A highlight of this year’s Morelia Film Festival will be the award-winning Roma. But the documentary A Morir a los Desiertos will also be one to see.

Mezcal brand Sombra found that mixing the solid and liquid waste that come from producing mezcal with local soil makes great adobe bricks.

It’s impossible not to be charmed by the French architecture and dilapidated decadence of Mexico City’s Colonia Juárez.

The hills above the little town of Río Blanco are covered with a curious forest consisting not of trees but of hundreds of huge, smooth, rocky spires.

What began because of the 2015 James Bond film Spectre has now taken on a form of its own in Mexico City.

The small town of Amatitán is not designated a Pueblo Mágico but every visit seems to yield something curious and interesting.

Ten years ago chemical engineering student Iliana Loza began making soaps at home after finding that non-natural products dominated the market.

Many distilleries used to operate around Amatitán near Guadalajara, but the remains are difficult to locate.

Frutland is a family-run business that started 24 years ago from a desire to make use of the huge excess of guava in Calvillo, Aguascalientes.

Mexico City’s Colonia Narvarte offers a new neighborhood to explore and more hidden culinary gems to discover.

Jalisco’s Center for the Study and Diffusion of Non-Figurative Art — or CIANF — was born in a private home in the rustic community of Pinar de la Venta.

But kidnappings and Donald Trump’s threats have not altered their plans or their determination to seek asylum at the US border.

The Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City’s Tabacalera neighborhood, close to the historical center, is a striking building that commemorates the event.

A 400-meter tunnel leads to an enormous, shimmering white crater that was once a lake. It’s like walking on another planet.

This year’s Urban Art Show, which will run for two weeks, boasts the work of over 20 different urban artists from around Mexico.

The prolonged transition period has given Mexicans a preview of what presidential leadership will look like under López Obrador: aggressive.

Computer simulations using artificial intelligence show how erosion from rainfall can affect forests and how to prevent it.

Central Mexico has a lot going on: a business boom in Querétaro, a culinary awakening in San Miguel and the entire region is part of a wine renaissance.

Drumbeat, dancers transport visitors back to the time of human sacrifices at this temple just northwest of Mexico City.

Some 300 local people follow the longstanding tradition of transforming hard basalt rock into practical appliances as well as works of art.

British artist’s work varies in form and format, but has one thing that unites it. They are books.

But if you imply that you hate dogs you’re automatically put into a category with serial killers and pedophiles.

Huatulco is a series of bays, beaches and small towns that make up a region developed into a tourist destination in the mid-1980s.

La Cueva de los Monos in the Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve is considered by some to be Jalisco’s most beautiful cave, but hard to reach.

Serious episode of injury and death avoided at the border in Tijuana as both countries took the necessary steps to maintain the peace.

This year has been fruitful for Mexican shows on Netflix, but now comes something different: fantasy, horror and adventure with some black comedy.

Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma offers a timeless, original portrait of life in Mexico City in the early 1970s in the colonia of the same name

This miraculous micro-algae was consumed regularly by the Aztecs as a common source of protein harvested from Lake Texcoco.

By incorporating the logos of donated t-shirts, the diapers have caught the hearts and imaginations of women from Canada and the United States.

Since 2003 the lives of thousands of girls in rural Mexico have been made brighter thanks to a retired Californian who loves to crochet.

The small ex-mining town of Tlalpujahua is found just across the border from México state in Michoacán and is famous for its Christmas tree ornaments.

Buy some grapes, pack a suitcase and take care choosing the color of your underwear are just three traditions with which you can kick off the new year.

The state of Guerrero will supply families with construction materials, new mattresses, a refrigerator and a full stove.

Hidden away high in the Sierra de Ameca, buried in a great bed of volcanic ash, lie dozens of naturally formed gigantic stone balls.

For designer Alejandro Curi, a great design must necessarily be both sustainable and intuitive. His products, sold under the brand name Guma, are both.

Incompetence, mismanagement and corruption inhabit the machinery of governance and infrastructure requires replacement and huge investment.

Ethnoarchaeology is a common-sense way of looking at ancient artifacts and buildings and puts a human face on them.

The film contains subtle but important elements that have been largely ignored by critics so far.

Mauricio Jervis never intended to be a chef. Nor did he anticipate becoming an expert in compost and recycling. Today, the Tulum entrepreneur is both.

The fifth generation of coffee farmers produce a gourmet product and blend it with ecotourism in Pluma Hidalgo.

The trial of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán has exposed just how powerful Mexico’s cartels really are.

Everywhere you go there is lush vegetation: sensuous tropical flowers, bizarre, creeping vines, gargantuan trees and an amazing multitude of orchids.

Andrés Valverde was brewing his own beer at 16. Now, at 24, his brews and distillations are being enjoyed across Mexico.

Mexico is now considered the preferred retirement home for an estimated one million to two million American retirees.

Petroglyphs, caves, hot springs — and a black soup of bat guano — in the marble mountains inland from Barra de Navidad.

From sipping wine in lush green vineyards to sampling some of the many fine Mexican cheeses, this is one of Mexico’s great gastronomic destinations.

Some members of the Mayan community see hypocrisy in spreading the term Maya without any focus on preserving the Mayan language.

Of all the challenges facing López Obrador, curbing violence may be the biggest. But one pacification strategy — a truth commission — may have some promise.

What looked like nothing more than a heap of rocks was actually a highly organized society that had begun in 1000 BC and reached its apogee around 200 AD.

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