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Full report: Everything we covered on psilocybin in Mexico

Psilocybin has been a trending topic in the wellness world for a few years now. At Mexico News Daily, we wrote about this topic from different angles last year. Here is a round-up of all our features on psilocybin, its legal status, origin and potential health benefits. 

Traditional uses of magic mushrooms in Mexico

Psilocybin-containing fungi have a long history of traditional use in Mexico and have been integral to Indigenous life. Everything you need to know about Mexico’s long Indigenous history and traditional use of Psilocybin-containing fungi.

Mushrooms: the latest health trend is centuries old

Learn the background on the recent health and healing properties attributed to fungi used by ancient peoples from Mexico to Egypt. 

How psilocybin works and what it does to your brain

Prestigious research centers have been working for years to unravel the mysteries of psilocybin and its impact on the human mind. Discover what the scientific world has to say about this alternative healing approach. 

Psilocybin: From magic mushrooms to the doctor’s office?

Have you been thinking about trying a different healing style? Scientific research into the medical benefits of psilocybin sheds light on its potential to address mental health conditions.

How does microdosing with mushrooms work? Is it good for me?

How microdosing with psilocybin can have positive effects on your anxiety, depression, PTSD, a myriad of mood disorders and general well-being.

Mental health and psychedelics: Amanda Feilding’s perspective

Amanda Feilding, a top psychedelics researcher, talks about her projects for 2024 and we also look back into the Mexican origins of the psychedelic renaissance.

Psilocybin in Mexico: personal experiences and therapeutic insights

While “magic mushrooms” are illegal to consume today in Mexico, the interest in the therapeutic potential of psilocybin is growing. Read about some first-hand experiences of psilocybin users. 

The legal status of psilocybin in Mexico and the world 

As scientific research continues to shed light on the medicinal properties of psilocybin, its legal status has become of interest. Can you legally consume psilocybin in Mexico?

Camila Sánchez Bolaño is a journalist, feminist, bookseller, lecturer, and cultural promoter and is Editor in Chief of Newsweek en Español magazine.

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