García: selected to study in California.

Chiapas student wins place on NASA project

Engineering student will spend four months on a programming project

A university student from Chiapas has earned one of 10 available openings to study and develop programming software for the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Rubén García FULL STORY

roberto borge

Mexico makes request for Borge’s extradition

Request made with four warrants for charges including embezzlement, illicit enrichment

Mexico has made an official request to authorities in Panama for the extradition of former Quintana Roo governor Roberto Borge Angulo, the federal Attorney General’s office (PGR) announced yesterday. Borge FULL STORY

Oxchuc 'queen' Sánchez Gómez.

Oxchuc, Chiapas, ruled by a mini-monarchy

Mayor in exile blamed for turfing 20 families from their homes

A municipality in Chiapas has been described as a “mini-monarchy” where the mayor rules with an iron fist despite the vast majority of the population not recognizing her as the FULL STORY

Saith Castillo and Martínez at UNAM.

Not just government is corrupt in Mexico

4 new UNAM students with perfect grades talk about their country

Corruption, inequality, injustice and crime. Those are among the characteristics of Mexico that don’t sit well with four students who are about to begin their studies at the National Autonomous University FULL STORY

Gutiérrez-Farías: accused of abuse.

Priest abused orphans, rights group charges

Children's advocacy group accuses priest of fathering 134 children by raping teenage girls

Physical and sexual abuse of children by their caregivers at an orphanage in Guanajuato is the result of collusion between the Catholic church and the government of Guanajuato, a non-governmental FULL STORY

Brother and sister robot builders.

Young robot builders eye China competition

Students chosen to represent Mexico at Robocom Challenge in Beijing

A brother and sister from Apan, Hidalgo, have their sights set on competing at an international robotics competition in China next month. Fifteen-year-old Diego Luna and his 13-year-old sister Camila FULL STORY

Former tourism secretary Zorrilla.

Ex-tourism boss faces embezzlement charge

200 million pesos in spending is unaccounted for

Legal action has begun against the former tourism secretary of Oaxaca for the embezzlement of 200 million pesos in spending on a parking lot in Oaxaca city. The state comptroller FULL STORY

Beware tainted alcohol.

US warns travellers about tainted alcohol

Reports of travellers falling ill at Mexican resorts trigger warning

The United States State Department has made a slight modification to its Mexico travel information by warning visitors about tainted or substandard alcohol. The change was made as a result FULL STORY

javier duarte

Campeche land deals generated fat profit

Ex-governor's real estate transactions were his most lucrative deals

Little by little, the details of the allegations of illicit enrichment against former Veracruz governor Javier Duarte, currently awaiting trial, are coming to light. According to the federal Attorney General’s FULL STORY

Tuna catch: conservationists call for fishing ban.

Conservation groups urge tuna moratorium

NGOs warn that Pacific bluefin tuna is in danger of extinction

A coalition of non-governmental organizations warned yesterday that the Pacific bluefin tuna could follow the endangered vaquita marina porpoise to extinction, and that immediate action was required if populations are FULL STORY

Site of Tuesday morning's explosion.

Anarchist group says it placed explosive

Blast damaged entrance to Council of Bishops' headquarters in Mexico City

The headquarters of the Roman Catholic Council of Bishops was the site of an explosion early Tuesday morning when a homemade device detonated outside the building, but federal authorities say FULL STORY

The two dogs found dead Monday in Mexico City.

Dead dogs appear after pit bulls kill child

The two pit bulls were left in a street in the same borough where the child lived

A week after a three-year-old girl died following an attack by two pit bull terriers in Mexico City, two dogs of the same breed were found dead on a street FULL STORY

Busy beach in Guerrero.

Lack of clarity seen in tourism spending

New campaign announced for Acapulco after hotel occupancy rate drops 1.4%

The decline in tourist numbers in Acapulco for the current summer vacation season has been slight, but it was enough to alarm the state government and trigger an “aggressive” national and FULL STORY

The Paso Express before the sinkhole, left, and after.

Viaduct planned for Paso Express ravine

Solution announced while federal, state authorities swap blame for sinkhole

As federal authorities and those in the state of Morelos are busy blaming each other for the Cuernavaca Paso Express disaster that killed two people July 12, plans are being FULL STORY

cock fight

Cockfights are back after Veracruz reversal

Lawmakers overturn last fall's ban on cockfighting, bull-running

An ban imposed last fall on cockfights in Veracruz didn’t last very long: the state Congress yesterday reversed the earlier law, legalizing cockfighting, bullfights and the running of bulls. State FULL STORY

The scene of yesterday's ambush.

Robbers made off with nearly 1 million pesos

Security to be reinforced for future deliveries of funds for social program

Thieves netted 977,000 pesos (US $55,000) when they ambushed a delivery of federal social program funds yesterday in the Center region of Guerrero. Two personnel from Bansefi, the federal savings FULL STORY

domestic worker

Contract defines rights of domestic workers

Campaign launched to urge signing of new standard contract

A campaign has been launched to encourage more domestic workers — commonly known as muchachas, maids or housekeepers — and their employers to sign contracts that define the workers’ rights FULL STORY

Not just emergency calls.

Only 11% of 911 calls were emergencies

21 million people dialed the emergency number as a joke

During the first six months of the year, 21.3 million pranksters picked up the phone and made a 911 call. They did it as a joke. They were among 61.63 FULL STORY

Gabriel sings "The Mañanitas" for Duarte, left.

For the other Duarte, ‘no way to hide’

Chihuahua officials believe embezzling suspect César Duarte will be caught soon

While former Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte is getting all the attention as he faces corruption charges, the other Duarte could soon be in the limelight as well. Authorities believe that FULL STORY

The cartel boss captured Saturday in Cancún.

Cartel cell boss captured in Cancún

'El Lobo' is believed responsible for much of the recent violence in Quintana Roo

The man believed to have been the head of a Cancún cell of one of Mexico’s biggest drug cartels was ordered yesterday to stand trial after his capture on Saturday. FULL STORY

Citizens clean up old junk in Ciudad Victoria.

Mosquito program gathers up old junk

550 tonnes collected in Ciudad Victoria in two weeks

Municipal authorities in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, have made a big move toward eradicating mosquito breeding grounds by removing 550 tonnes of junk. The municipality worked with residents during the past FULL STORY

Governor gives a wave during yesterday's spending announcement.

Querétaro plans more public works spending

Governor announces 50 million pesos for infrastructure in El Marqués

Further investment in municipal infrastructure by the government of Querétaro was announced this week, this time for the municipality of El Marqués. Governor Francisco Domínguez Servién said yesterday the state FULL STORY

Ahuacuotzingo, where this morning's attack took place.

Thieves kill seven for social program cash

Attack took place in the Center region of Guerrero

An assault this morning on federal agents delivering cash to a rural community in Guerrero left seven people dead. The armed attack killed two staff from Bansefi, the federally-operated savings FULL STORY

Poll puts Morena in the lead for president.

Poll: 80% say it’s time for ruling party to go

Morena continues to lead as party of choice for president

With just a year to go until the election that will decide President Enrique Peña Nieto’s successor, things are not looking good for the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI): 80% FULL STORY