Fire blocks highway in Teotihuacán the night of the lynching.

Impunity, passivity, muddled processes

Exports offer reasons for lynchings, vigilante justice

Recent cases of lynchings and vigilante justice are a clear sign of impunity, governmental passivity and muddled prosecutorial processes, warn experts interviewed by the newspaper Reforma. Just this week, three cases FULL STORY

Avocados from Jalisco.

Avocado import limits relaxed 102 years on

All states, not just Michoacán, will have access to US market

“Avocados from Mexico” is the marketing slogan used to promote the fruit in the United States, but it would be more accurate to say “avocados from Michoacán.” But that’s about FULL STORY

Citizens strike back against pipeline thieves.

Residents fight back, destroy thieves’ trucks

Citizens go after pipeline thieves in Puebla town

In the State of México citizens were lynching suspected criminals this week. In Puebla, they’re going after pipeline thieves. The illegal tapping of Pemex gasoline pipelines is an ongoing problem for the FULL STORY

Trump: reluctant to release tax information.

Trump’s tax returns everybody’s business

Releasing them could confirm true measure of his wealth

“It’s none of your business.” That’s how Donald Trump responded to George Stephanopoulos of ABC on the tax rate paid by the GOP presumptive nominee. Trump eventually agreed to release FULL STORY

Timmins' San Francisco mine

Security costs miners 2% of their revenues

In Canada, one guard can look after a mine and watch hockey at the same time

Although few mines in Mexico have had problems with extortion by criminal gangs, security does represent a higher cost for foreign mining companies. The Canadian ambassador to Mexico, Pierre Alarie, FULL STORY

The Monarch Highway.

Monarch butterflies have own highway

U.S. government, six states sign agreement to protect habitat

The Monarch Highway, a 2,400-kilometer stretch of roadway between northern Minnesota and southern Texas, gained official recognition Thursday through an agreement signed by officials from six states and the United FULL STORY

CJNG operative "El Peter," arrested in Tijuana.

Jalisco cartel fuels violence in four states

Tijuana moved into second place last year for intentional homicides

One cartel’s efforts to expand its territory are being blamed for increased violence and dozens of deaths in Michoacán, Colima, Veracruz and Baja California. The Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), FULL STORY

sea turtle with satellite transmitter

Satellite transmitters used to track turtles

Project will help get compensation for damaged caused by spills

An 18-year-old turtle became part of a project last week that not only seeks to protect turtles but ensures that compensation is paid in the event of an accident that FULL STORY

Corruption in Mexico

89% believe that corruption is frequent

Study finds police perceived as the most corrupt institution

A new survey reveals that corruption is the second biggest issue for Mexicans after violence and insecurity. A study by the national statistics institute, Inegi, found that more than 90% felt that FULL STORY

Kidnapping suspects' car burns in Teotihuacán.

Lynching catching on; 3 suspects rescued

Kidnapping, sexual assault suspects escape lynch mobs' wrath

Kidnapping and sexual assault suspects escaped being lynched last night in two separate incidents in Teotihuacán, State of México, the same municipality in which two other suspected kidnappers were beaten FULL STORY

Non-meat, meth burritos.

Woman arrested for meatless burritos

A sniffer dog detected their real contents at the Nogales border crossing

Where’s the beef is what United States border agents wanted to know when a 23-year-old Arizona woman crossed the border from Mexico last week with a bag full of burritos. They might FULL STORY

Duarte: feeling the heat?

Golf, music lessons among state expenses

Documents reveal Veracruz government paid governor's personal expenses

The dirty war in the race for governor continues in Veracruz and this time the target is current Governor Javier Duarte, who has been accused of using public funds for over 300,000 FULL STORY