Oaxaca's drought an emergency.

Three-year drought declared emergency

Water commission says drought is worst in state's history

The severe drought in the Isthmus and Central Valleys regions of the state of Oaxaca has triggered an emergency declaration by the National Water Commission (Conagua). Commission spokesman César Lagarde said the drought affecting FULL STORY

Veytia, arrested Monday on drug charges.

Border officials arrest state Attorney General

Nayarit's chief law officer accused of drug trafficking

The Attorney General of Nayarit was arrested by United States border agents yesterday on charges of trafficking in heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. Édgar Veytia Cambero was detained in San FULL STORY

César Duarte: wanted for corruption.

Ex-governor declared fugitive from justice

Chihuahua's Duarte has fled to Texas, says his successor

The ex-governor Chihuahua is now considered a fugitive from justice, his successor said this afternoon. César Duarte has fled to El Paso, Texas, to avoid possible corruption charges, said Governor FULL STORY

One of the drums travels through a pedestrian overpass, dismantled for the occasion.

Transport challenge was to end today

Moving huge coking drums to Hidalgo from Tamaulipas has taken a year

A mammoth logistics operation was set to end today with the delivery of four huge coking drums to a Pemex refinery in Tula, Hidalgo, where they will be used in the FULL STORY

Benet, center, and young filmmakers.

Filmmaker seeks to restart youth project

Indigenous youths in Veracruz found an outlet for their creativity

Young filmmakers from the Totonac region in the state of Veracruz were able to capture their perspective on life through cinematography until the project that provided them a creative outlet was cut back by FULL STORY


Calderón and Moreira take election swipes

Former president accuses former governor of Zetas ties

Five days before the official start of the election campaign in the state of Coahuila, two prominent ex-politicians have taken over the limelight, one of them a former president. Humberto Moreira FULL STORY

The jumpsuit sold on Amazon.

Costume on Amazon ‘racist, anti-Latino’

Jumpsuit bears the inscription 'Mexico will pay!'

A costume bearing the inscription “Mexico will pay!” has been described as racist by the man who helped develop the “Make Mexico America Again!” baseball hats. And Jerónimo Saldaña wants FULL STORY

The tequila cloud exhibit in Berlin.

Weather in Germany: cloudy with tequila

Tourist board presents tequila cloud during Germany's wettest month

It’s been raining in Germany but, thanks to Mexico, the rain has come in the form of tequila rather than water. A tourism promotion in the form of a “tequila cloud” FULL STORY

Exhuming bodies in Morelos.

Digging up bodies continues in Morelos

Authorities expected 35; the count is now up to 49

State government officials have exhumed more bodies buried by authorities in July 2014  in a mass grave in Jojutla, Morelos. Government records documented that 35 bodies were interred at the site. FULL STORY

Vázquez Mota

Getting out the vote in the State of México

State leads the way in accusations of electoral crimes

Election campaigning is heating up in the coveted State of México, which means accusations of vote-buying and other skulduggery are flying: so far 117 formal complaints have been registered with FULL STORY

Mexico's biggest travel show is on now in Acapulco.

Acapulco welcomes the tourist industry

Despite security worries, Mexico's largest travel show under way this week in Acapulco

Mexico’s biggest travel trade show kicked off yesterday in Acapulco, where organizers are hoping to inject new energy into the destination’s tourist industry. But the start was not an auspicious FULL STORY

Emergency button in Mexico City.

Police will monitor CDMX panic buttons

Criminals have prevented victims from using the emergency device

Mexico City residents in distress needn’t fear being unable to use panic buttons: police will be at hand to monitor their operation. According to small business owners located in the city’s FULL STORY