Official records of the building might be hard to obtain.

Deficiencies revealed in record-keeping

There are no official records for many of the buildings damaged by earthquake

The earthquake that shook Mexico City last month and caused damage to thousands of buildings across the city has also revealed major deficiencies in the record keeping of government authorities. FULL STORY

Robotics students: victims of theft.

Thieves steals robots, dash students’ dreams

Team had won a berth with the robots at an international contest

Six robotics students not only lost an investment worth hundreds of thousands of pesos last weekend but two years of hard work and their dreams as well. The National Polytechnic Institute FULL STORY

Jaguar captured swimming in Nayarit yesterday.

Camera catches jaguar swimming in Nayarit

It is one of an estimated 25 in an area where the animals are being monitored

One of an estimated 25 jaguars in a protected area in Nayarit was captured yesterday on video but it was a rare bit of footage: it was the first time FULL STORY

A tractor-trailer burns during last year's faceoff in Nochixtlán.

Report accuses police of excessive force

But civilians also fired weapons during fatal confrontation with teachers in Oaxaca

Armed civilians fired at police during a fatal confrontation between teachers and police in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, last year but the latter used excessive force in a bungled operation, says a human FULL STORY

Jiménez, in foreground, and co-workers at Grecia's Kitchen.

Indigenous chef feeds earthquake victims

She wanted to open her own restaurant but an earthquake forced a change of plan

An indigenous chef from the small Zapotec town of Magdalena Tlacotepec in Oaxaca had wanted to open her own restaurant until an earthquake halted those plans. But Grecia Jiménez Osorio has found FULL STORY

Along with the butterflies, hot springs can be enjoyed in Agua Blanca.

Sanctuaries prepare for butterflies, visitors

Monarchs are en route, which means sanctuaries get ready for visitors

Monarch butterflies are heading south to Mexico and the sanctuaries in which they overwinter are preparing to open to the public. The butterflies are traveling from the northern reaches of FULL STORY

De la Madrid, right: warnings won't hurt tourism ranking.

California not as safe as Baja California

Officials speak out in defense of Mexican tourism industry

Tourists are safer in Baja California than in the U.S. state of California, according to a comment made by the state’s tourism secretary in an appearance before the state Congress FULL STORY

Municipal offices in Atlixco, whose building also housed a prison.

Aging Puebla prisons to become museums

The historical buildings were damaged by the September 19 earthquake

The September 19 earthquake in central Mexico was too much for three aging penitentiaries in Puebla, which will be retired from the prison system and converted to museums. Located in the FULL STORY

Insecurity in the cities: the darker the circle the less safe people feel.

Insecurity perceptions at record-high level

76% of respondents to security survey said their city was unsafe

Perceptions of insecurity among residents of Mexico’s cities are at a record-high level, according to a national poll by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi). Of adults polled FULL STORY

Horizontec's H1 aircraft.

Test flights authorized for MX-built plane

2-seater light sport aircraft designed, built in Mexico

A Mexican-built light aircraft made out of compressed wood and fiberglass is now in the manufacturing stage and will soon take to the skies for the first time. The civil FULL STORY

Freeland, Lighthizer and Guajardo: talks extended.

Contentious issues push talks into 2018

Mexico, Canada reject US proposals at NAFTA talks; growing pessimism over prospects

Investor optimism over trade talks between Mexico, the United States and Canada gave the peso a boost today after an announcement that renegotiating NAFTA would extend into 2018. But many FULL STORY

New Zealand cattle arriving in Sinaloa in 2015.

Duarte accused of being cattle thief too

Animals were supposed to go to small farmers hurt by drought

Former Chihuahua governor César Duarte wasn’t just an embezzler, according to a non-governmental organization, but a cattle rustler as well. In addition to allegedly embezzling millions of pesos, Duarte stole cattle, FULL STORY

Candidates, from left, Zavala, Patricio and Rodríguez were among 86 who registered.

86 people sign up for presidential race

But the road ahead is long. Each must gather 866,593 signatures of support

There could be a wide range of choices when voters elect a new president next year: 86 people registered as independent candidates by Saturday’s deadline, the National Electoral Institute (INE) announced. FULL STORY

Security forces stand by after a gun fight at a Pemex station.

Cartel violence rages in Reynosa, Río Bravo

Battles for control of Gulf Cartel in region leave 22 dead in 3 days

It was a bloody weekend in Tamaulipas and yesterday saw no improvement. Fourteen people were killed in weekend violence and another eight yesterday in the municipalities of Reynosa and Río FULL STORY

Migrants aboard La Bestia.

Migrants delay travel to aid quake efforts

Another example of post-earthquake solidarity during frightful year for Mexico

After two earthquakes that left more than 450 dead and 150,000 houses damaged, my home country of Mexico faces huge challenges in recovery. According to official estimates, the country will FULL STORY

The Earthquake Boy, flanked by his father and doctor.

Earthquake didn’t halt open-heart surgery

8-year-old called the 'Earthquake Boy' after doctors operate during September 19 quake

While buildings swayed and millions of people across central Mexico ran into the streets fearing for their lives on September 19, a medical team in Mexico City calmly continued performing FULL STORY

Workers at the site of repairs to the Paso Express.

Work proceeds on Paso Express bridge

Government expects work should be completed next month

The reconstruction of a section of the Paso Express freeway, notorious for a huge sinkhole that took the lives of two people, is well under way and is expected to be FULL STORY

Hernández, assassination victim.

Longtime politician killed in Guerrero

Left-wing leader assassinated along with wife, mother-in-law and driver

A longtime leftist leader and founding member of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) was killed in the state of Guerrero Saturday night along with his wife, 94-year-old mother-in-law and driver, FULL STORY

Semi drives off an Antonov aircraft in Huatulco with equipment for the Salina Cruz refinery.

Generators for Pemex a gift from Slovenia

Equipment will help get Salina Cruz refinery running again

The government of Slovenia has stepped in to help out Pemex after the September 7 earthquake damaged equipment at the oil company’s refinery in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. A donation of FULL STORY

Uruachi, Chihuahua: gangsters were in control.

Residents defenseless in face of gun battle

Seven dead after rival gangs have a shootout in Sierra Tarahumara

One hundred state security personnel were sent in yesterday to the Sierra Tarahumara region of Chihuahua after an eight-hour battle between rival gangs. Seven people were killed, including a municipal FULL STORY

A Tenango artisan with her work.

Clothing firm accused of copying embroidery

Hidalgo artisans' designs allegedly used by manufacturer-retailer Mango

A Spanish multinational clothing company has been accused of copying the unique embroidery designs of artisans from the state of Hidalgo. But the artisans from the municipality of Tenango de FULL STORY

Teachers march in Oaxaca on Friday.

In Oaxaca, from one disaster to another

Teachers are on the march again with the same demands plus a couple of new ones

With the worst of the earthquakes and other natural disasters behind it, Oaxaca now faces the return of protesting teachers. Members of the dissident CNTE teachers’ union marched Friday in FULL STORY

Cavazos, arrested in Mexico City.

‘El Big Papa’ arrested for charges in Texas

Nazario Cavazos believed to be senior figure in Gulf Cartel

Federal authorities have arrested a high-ranking member of the Gulf Cartel who is wanted by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The Attorney General’s office said Nazario Cavazos de FULL STORY

Police at a crime scene in Baja California Sur this week.

Violence blamed for hotel cancelations

Thousands cancel hotel reservations in Los Cabos

An upsurge of drug-related violence in Baja California Sur has dealt a damaging blow to the state’s tourism industry, causing the cancelation of thousands of hotel reservations in popular vacation FULL STORY