Oaxaca's Guelaguetza: the show will go on after all.

Teachers won’t block Oaxaca’s Guelaguetza

Union calls it a gesture of good will; announces easing of blockades

The governor of Oaxaca was insisting last week that the show — an annual cultural celebration called the Guelaguetza — would go on. But the CNTE teachers’ union was adamant FULL STORY

The aqueduct

Aqueduct at risk of losing UNESCO status

Greenhouses have been built near the heritage site, allegedly marring the scenery

Barely a year after the Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, the designation is at risk after allegedly illegal greenhouses were built nearby. Also known as FULL STORY

A tropical storm is causing big waves in Acapulco.

Big Acapulco waves claim three victims

The effects of tropical storm Frank are being felt on the Guerrero coast

One cannot be too cautious when enjoying a walk or a swim on a Mexican beach that faces open water. Three people drowned yesterday in Acapulco after they were swept away by FULL STORY

Tacos of ant larvae. Provecho.

The bugs of Mexico: hail to the cockroach

It's an integral part of life while a cousin makes an uninviting filling for tacos

The tropical latitudes are described as the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Since my chosen city of residence lies about 20 kilometers south of FULL STORY

Family members mourn murdered journalist Pedro Tamayo.

Homicides up 15% and trend continues

27 people murdered in one 24-hour period this week

Homicides were up 15% during the first half of the year, a trend that appears to be continuing given reports this week. In one 24-hour period there were 27 people FULL STORY

Indigenous inmates at Guachochi.

A jail without drugs, violence or corruption

Guachochi's peaceful population is 100% indigenous

Mexican jails are generally known for corruption, crime and overcrowded conditions but a penitentiary in the northern border state of Chihuahua offers a contrasting picture. Some empty beds, zero drug consumption FULL STORY

A blockade in Oaxaca: they're not teachers, says politician.

‘If state doesn’t act, the people will’

Oaxaca politician threatens to remove blockades restricting access to the coast

Citizens will have to take matters into their own hands if the government does not act to remove highway blockades that are affecting access to the coast of Oaxaca, said FULL STORY

Debris on railway tracks in Michoacán.

Teachers stop trains, paralyze shipping

More than 2,000 containers have been stranded in Michoacán

A less obvious protest by dissident teachers but one that is having a significant economic impact has paralyzed shipping through the port of Lázaro Cárdenas in Michoacán. For more than a FULL STORY

Architect's rendering of the school's design.

School out of a box opens in Quintana Roo

Viable, cheap method could be prototype for indigenous towns

The ingenuity of a Mexican architect has created a prototype method of building schools that could prove to be a viable, cheap and self-sustainable model for small indigenous towns. Tania FULL STORY

Indigenous street vendors in San Cristóbal.

Who was most needy? Rain brings an answer

Foreign travelers compete for pesos with indigenous vendors

San Cristóbal de las Casas attracts a lot of different people to its leafy heights. Perhaps due to its altitude and subsequent respite from the stifling humidity of lowland Chiapas, FULL STORY

dogs on beach

Zihuatanejo beaches: no dogs allowed

Expats raise a fuss over municipal bylaw banning pets

Planning a Mexico vacation with the family dog? Better stay away from Zihuatanejo if your pet enjoys spending time on the beach. Municipal authorities in the Guerrero tourist destination have decided FULL STORY

star wars

Star Wars latest film to go elsewhere

Incentives are not enough for filmmakers, says Mexican studio

Star Wars has gone the way of 11 other films in the past four years: to other countries that offer filmmakers more attractive financial incentives. The manager of Baja Film FULL STORY