Osorio Chong: reached the limit.

Police may act soon to remove blockades

Government has reached the limit, says Osorio Chong; union vows more blockades

With teachers promising to expand their protests throughout Mexico over the next 72 hours and the Interior Secretary saying the government has reached the limit, the use of force to FULL STORY

Proposed headquarters for electoral institute.

Damn the budget cuts: INE-landia goes ahead

Electoral institute's new headquarters 'fit for a pharaoh,' say opponents

Although the federal government has made another downward adjustment to its 2016 spending, the National Electoral Institute (INE) is moving forward with its new 1.1 billion-peso headquarters, a project deemed fit for the FULL STORY

Union members paint a hijacked truck in Guerrero.

More blockades in Michoacán, Guerrero

Teachers turn up the pressure after talks fail to kill education reforms

Dissident teachers in Michoacán and Guerrero began applying more pressure today in the absence of progress in government negotiations, hijacking transport trucks and erecting highway roadblocks. The Guerrero education workers’ union, FULL STORY

Spending cuts: public works projects take the brunt.

Highways spending hit by federal cutbacks

Public works, education see the biggest reductions

Public works projects such as highways and trains have felt the biggest impact of spending cuts in this year’s budget by the federal government in reaction to local and international FULL STORY

Bank of México: second rate increase.

Inflation, uncertainty spur interest rate hike

Bank of México raises its key rate by half a point

Mexico’s central bank raised its key interest rate today by half a point to 4.25% in the face of inflation worries and international economic uncertainty. Following the announcement, the peso FULL STORY

Customers line up for gas in Chiapas.

Osorio Chong: no talks until blockades lifted

As many as 40 blockades are paralyzing traffic in Oaxaca and Chiapas

There is a stalemate in the dialogue between the CNTE teachers’ union and the federal government, leaving citizens of Oaxaca and Chiapas wondering what comes next. Two days ago, Interior FULL STORY

One of the 10 scale-model driverless cars.

Robot cars donation to encourage students

Cars are scale model of that which drove itself across Mexico last year

Mexican students are being encouraged to develop their own driverless vehicle technologies through the donation by Germany of 10 robotic vehicles, all scale models of the 2010 Volkswagen Passat, named Autonomos, FULL STORY

Mier and palomero corn.

Corn advocate wants to save popcorn maize

Toluqueño palomero is an old strain of corn used for popcorn

Several native breeds of corn have nearly lost the battle against more profitable strains and while their nutritional value may be similar, it is their sentimental and cultural importance that make them FULL STORY

Óscar Hernández

Doctor had to use cell phone light in OR

Surgeon dismissed after raising concerns about Playa del Carmen hospital

A doctor in Playa del Carmen shined a light on the situation at the local hospital one time too many. Óscar Hernández claims he was fired by state health authorities FULL STORY

Officials detain Uber drivers and their passengers.

Illegal migrants are fares for Uber drivers

Immigration has found 14 migrants in Uber cars in 15 days

The people who are paid to move migrants through Mexico and over the border into the U.S. have found a new mode of transportation. The National Immigration Institute (INM) says FULL STORY

Jalisco prosecutor's office, Adame Ochoa's former employer.

Ex-state official owns land worth US $7mn

Formerly with the Jalisco prosecutor's office, Adame owns 13 properties in Texas

The former Jalisco official charged in the U.S. with fraud and money laundering owns 13 pieces of real estate in Texas whose value is US $7 million, reported the newspaper FULL STORY

Vaquita porpoise.

Assisted breeding for endangered vaquita?

With only 60 of the porpoises remaining, Semarnat says it might be an option

Conservation strategies to save the vaquita marina may soon be taking a different approach: the head of the Environment Secretariat (Semarnat) has announced the government is considering assisted breeding to FULL STORY