One of the houses erected by Mennonites in Oaxaca.

More instant houses for earthquake victims

Mennonites rally to aid homeless with galvanized aluminum houses

Mexico’s Mennonite community has brought its know-how and work force to bear on earthquake relief, sending volunteers from all over the country to construct instant houses for victims in the Isthmus FULL STORY

There are more than 500 dentists practicing in dental clinics like this one in Los Algodones.

Workers exploited by dental tourism in MX

Situation in 'Molar City' reveals need for global regulation

The town of Los Algodones in Mexico is nicknamed “Molar City.” It has a population of just 6,000 people and, shockingly, it has more than 500 practicing dentists. This has produced FULL STORY

Del Alva Solís, ejido leader.

Leader’s challenge: ejido is a man’s world

New commission head wants an end to sale of underpriced land

Being female in the male-dominated world of ejido politics didn’t stop a determined Yucatán woman from speaking up against injustice and moving to the top of the community landowners’ commission. FULL STORY

internet speeds

Internet speeds are showing improvement

Netflix identifies Totalplay as fastest fixed broadband supplier; Telcel, AT&T in close race for mobile

Mexico is not generally known for breathtaking internet speeds, but indications are that the situation is improving. Data gathered by the streaming media company Netflix not only indicates which fixed FULL STORY

Monarch butterflies: coming soon.

Even the butterflies have a mobile app

Application provides real-time data about migration of monarch butterflies

Monarch butterfly record-keeping is going high tech in Guanajuato with the development of a mobile app to record sightings. MonarcaMX is designed to give volunteers and environmental authorities real-time data FULL STORY

No blood transfusion, mother insists.

Blood transfusion case before Supreme Court

Mother refuses transfusion on religious grounds for daughter with leukemia

The case of a Rarámuri woman who has refused blood transfusions for her leukemia-stricken daughter on religious grounds has gone to the highest court in the nation. The five-year-old’s mother, FULL STORY

Nieto: dismissed for breaching code of conduct.

Prosecutor to appeal firing before Senate

Attorney General fires elections prosecutor who was probing ex-Pemex chief

The federal Attorney General’s office (PGR) dismissed its top electoral crimes prosecutor yesterday, announcing that he had failed to comply with the agency’s code of conduct. Santiago Nieto Castillo’s removal FULL STORY

New Gulf station in Puebla.

Gulf gas stations open in Puebla, Monterrey

They are the first of 2,000 planned to be in operation by 2021

Gulf México opened its first two gas stations in Mexico this week, with motorists in Puebla and Monterrey filling up at the company’s pumps for the first time on Wednesday. FULL STORY

A military helicopter flies over opium poppies in Chihuahua

Among the poppies, a plea to the soldiers

'Heartbreaking' message asks soldiers to spare the crop

Fifteen kilometers from the municipality of Guachochi, in the heart of the mountain range known as the Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua, 30 soldiers pull opium poppy plants out of the ground FULL STORY

Rodrigo Díaz steps over a crushed car into what used to be a second-floor apartment at 517 Tokio in Mexico City

Earthquake recovery can be slow process

A month after the quake, thousands of Mexico City residents unable to return home

By Rebecca Blackwell and Marco Ugarte Associated Press Wearing a hard hat, Rodrigo Díaz Mejía climbs on top of a crushed car to enter an apartment that was left exposed FULL STORY

Students at the Very Large Telescope in Chile.

Team wins medals at Astronomy Olympiad

Students from 11 Latin American countries participated at the event in Chile

A five-member team representing Mexico won three medals at the Latin American Astronomy and Astronautics Olympiad (OLAA 2017). The week-long event was hosted in Chile, where the Mexican students faced FULL STORY

Macías and Mansour: victims of political persecution?

2 corruption suspects seek political asylum

Ex-Veracruz governor's wife and an associate claim political persecution

The wife of the ex-governor of Veracruz and one of his alleged front men are seeking political asylum abroad. Karime Macías, who is under investigation for illicit enrichment and money FULL STORY

A World Wildlife Fund member carries a papier mache vaquita at a demonstration in Mexico City in July

New recovery project captures vaquita calf

But the porpoise became stressed without its mother and was later released

A vaquita porpoise was captured in the upper Gulf of California as part of the latest effort to save the endangered species but it had to be released after veterinarians FULL STORY

Official records of the building might be hard to obtain.

Deficiencies revealed in record-keeping

There are no official records for many of the buildings damaged by earthquake

The earthquake that shook Mexico City last month and caused damage to thousands of buildings across the city has also revealed major deficiencies in the record keeping of government authorities. FULL STORY

Robotics students: victims of theft.

Thieves steals robots, dash students’ dreams

Team had won a berth with the robots at an international contest

Six robotics students not only lost an investment worth hundreds of thousands of pesos last weekend but two years of hard work and their dreams as well. The National Polytechnic Institute FULL STORY

Jaguar captured swimming in Nayarit yesterday.

Camera catches jaguar swimming in Nayarit

It is one of an estimated 25 in an area where the animals are being monitored

One of an estimated 25 jaguars in a protected area in Nayarit was captured yesterday on video but it was a rare bit of footage: it was the first time FULL STORY

A tractor-trailer burns during last year's faceoff in Nochixtlán.

Report accuses police of excessive force

But civilians also fired weapons during fatal confrontation with teachers in Oaxaca

Armed civilians fired at police during a fatal confrontation between teachers and police in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, last year but the latter used excessive force in a bungled operation, says a human FULL STORY

Jiménez, in foreground, and co-workers at Grecia's Kitchen.

Indigenous chef feeds earthquake victims

She wanted to open her own restaurant but an earthquake forced a change of plan

An indigenous chef from the small Zapotec town of Magdalena Tlacotepec in Oaxaca had wanted to open her own restaurant until an earthquake halted those plans. But Grecia Jiménez Osorio has found FULL STORY

Along with the butterflies, hot springs can be enjoyed in Agua Blanca.

Sanctuaries prepare for butterflies, visitors

Monarchs are en route, which means sanctuaries get ready for visitors

Monarch butterflies are heading south to Mexico and the sanctuaries in which they overwinter are preparing to open to the public. The butterflies are traveling from the northern reaches of FULL STORY

De la Madrid, right: warnings won't hurt tourism ranking.

California not as safe as Baja California

Officials speak out in defense of Mexican tourism industry

Tourists are safer in Baja California than in the U.S. state of California, according to a comment made by the state’s tourism secretary in an appearance before the state Congress FULL STORY

Municipal offices in Atlixco, whose building also housed a prison.

Aging Puebla prisons to become museums

The historical buildings were damaged by the September 19 earthquake

The September 19 earthquake in central Mexico was too much for three aging penitentiaries in Puebla, which will be retired from the prison system and converted to museums. Located in the FULL STORY

Insecurity in the cities: the darker the circle the less safe people feel.

Insecurity perceptions at record-high level

76% of respondents to security survey said their city was unsafe

Perceptions of insecurity among residents of Mexico’s cities are at a record-high level, according to a national poll by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi). Of adults polled FULL STORY

Horizontec's H1 aircraft.

Test flights authorized for MX-built plane

2-seater light sport aircraft designed, built in Mexico

A Mexican-built light aircraft made out of compressed wood and fiberglass is now in the manufacturing stage and will soon take to the skies for the first time. The civil FULL STORY

Freeland, Lighthizer and Guajardo: talks extended.

Contentious issues push talks into 2018

Mexico, Canada reject US proposals at NAFTA talks; growing pessimism over prospects

Investor optimism over trade talks between Mexico, the United States and Canada gave the peso a boost today after an announcement that renegotiating NAFTA would extend into 2018. But many FULL STORY