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CoLores Decor: Classic meets new for iconic Mexican designs

Traditional Mexican artisanal craftwork meets contemporary style in Gil Herrera's reinterpretation of genre defining interior pieces.

The architect who reached for the stars

Mario Pani built some of Mexico City's biggest towers and sprawling estates, in a career that defined the skyline of a capital.
Chichén Itzá site

DNA testing of children sacrificed at Chichén Itzá surprises researchers

The sacrificial victims' remains were found in 1967 and are over 1,000 years old, but scientists are just now learning more about who they were.

The Avanzada Regia: How Monterrey changed Mexican rock

The story of how rebellious youths from Mexico's most conservative city started a rock revolution and moved a continent.
Part of Chapultepec Castle with what looks like three black and red banners hanging from it

Mexico threatens legal action over Chapultepec Castle online ad

Mexico's history agency was not amused by a Max Latinoamérica online ad showing the historic site flying flags from House Targaryen.
An impressive amount of archaeological findings have been uncovered near Section 7 of the Maya Train, which runs between Chetumal, Quintana Roo, and Escárcega, Campeche.

Archaeologists reveal findings at 26 ancient Maya burials found in Campeche

The archaeologists made the discoveries in an area of Campeche that had no previous record of extensive Maya settlements.
A representative of the Department of Homeland Security and the consul to Mexico in Seattle make a statement about a collection of 35 artifacts recovered from an estate sale in 2023

35 pre-Columbian artifacts returned to Mexico by US Department of Homeland Security

Mexico has repatriated a total of 87 pre-Columbian artifacts from the United States so far this year.
Calle y Poché

5 Mexican LGBTQ+ authors to enjoy this Pride Month

With June in full swing, why not try adding these Mexican (and Latino) LGBTQ+ authors to your bookshelf?

Matryoshkas & Mariachi: The Eastern Europeans of Mexico City

Amidst war in the region, groups from an array of countries in Eastern Europe have fled to Mexico for a better life.
Mariachi boy

Musical showdown: what’s the difference between mariachi, banda and norteño?

You might expect these northern music genres to sound similar, but all three are distinct in sound, style and history.
Guachimontones archaeological site

Beyond Chichén Itzá: Discovering Mexico’s lesser-known pyramids

With almost 200 archeological sites in Mexico, here are some gems worth exploring that are off the beaten path.
The town of Taxco at sunset

5 things you probably didn’t know about Mexico’s ‘Silver Capital’

This Guerrero town has a long and storied history from mining to tourism - but did you know it's also an official City of Light?
Actor Diego Luna, who will receive an award at the Guadalajara Film Festival, hunched over a machine part in a tool workshop in the Star Wars film "Andor"

39th Guadalajara International Film Festival will celebrate Spanish film

The Guadalajara International Film Festival, which opens June 7, will honor Mexican actor Diego Luna and show over 200 films.
Maestro Rogelio Riojas-Nolasco

Operísima México launches in San Miguel de Allende

An exciting new studio heralds a new dawn for Mexican opera and promises to help singers to succeed on the global stage.
A downtown scene in Japan

What do Mexico and Japan have in common?

Writer Bethany Platanella came home from a recent trip to Japan with a few reflections on the similarities it shares with Mexico.
Mummified corpses in Guanajuato on display in glass cases at the Guanajuato Mummy Museum

INAH accuses Guanajuato museum of mistreating its mummies

After an arm reportedly fell off one of the city's famous mummies, the National Institute of Anthropology and History says the collection could be at risk.