Workers walked out this week after smells from the morgue became too much.

New refrigerators to keep smells down

Too many victims of violence put a strain on Guerrero's morgues

New refrigerators ought to improve the foul odors at Guerrero’s morgues, where once again violent crime is putting a strain on the facilities: there are simply too many bodies. The FULL STORY

Members of a Mérida neighborhood police group

Citizens patrol one of Mexico’s safest cities

More than 2,000 neighborhood police groups help keep Mérida safe

Mérida is one of the safest cities in Mexico, according to official crime figures, and residents of the Yucatán capital are determined to keep it that way. The number of FULL STORY

The illegal photo of Chichén Itzá.

No pyramid photos without a permit

Photographer was 'trespassing' when he used a drone to take photo at Chichén Itzá

A breathtaking pre-dawn aerial photograph of the Kukulcán pyramid in Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, got its author instant online notoriety — and legal action by Mexican authorities. César Mendiburu Heredia used FULL STORY

The president meets with relatives of missing persons yesterday.

Forced disappearance law goes into effect

Law provides more support for search efforts for the missing, who number 32,000

President Enrique Peña Nieto yesterday promulgated a new law designed to better fund and improve search efforts for the thousands of people across Mexico who have been reported as missing or FULL STORY

One of the armored vehicles to be employed by a new police unit.

Special police unit deployed to Reynosa

But in Ciudad Madero they're wondering where the gendarmes went

Security was beefed up with a new police unit in one Tamaulipas city but in another officials were left scratching their heads after the gendarmes pulled out. Governor Francisco García FULL STORY

Road damage after tropical storm Beatriz earlier this year

2.7bn pesos allocated for Oaxaca roadwork

Earthquakes and hurricanes left damages to 87% of the state's road infrastructure

The federal government has allocated 2.7 billion pesos (US $142 million) for repairs and new construction of highways in Oaxaca. September’s earthquakes did some damage to the state’s roads but FULL STORY

The Cancún apartment project halted by Profepa.

Profepa shuts down apartment project

Partially built luxury apartments in Cancún must be torn down

The federal environmental protection agency Profepa has permanently shut down a luxury apartment development in Cancún because its developer failed to obtain the required environmental permits. Profepa also imposed a fine FULL STORY

Guajardo: five-year NAFTA review proposed.

US withdrawal would not be devastating

Economy secretary disputes claim by US secretary of commerce

Economy Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo has rejected a claim by the United States commerce secretary that a U.S. pull-out from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would be devastating for FULL STORY

Cartel violence continues in northeast.

Zetas-Gulf Cartel fight continues in northeast

Neither cartel is strong enough to defeat the other

Reprinted from InSight Crime The ongoing decline of the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas has left northeastern Mexico without a single dominant criminal force. But the crime groups’ longstanding rivalry has continued to see FULL STORY

Christmas trees growing in Tlaxcala.

New Christmas trees can be replanted

Tlaxcala farmers harvest pinyon pines for the first time

Christmas tree shoppers will have a new option this year: a species of pine being cultivated especially for the Yuletide season by farmers in the state of Tlaxcala, and one FULL STORY

Destruction caused by gang warfare in the Chihuahua mountains.

Gang warfare closes hospital, health clinics

Facilities close in five Chihuahua municipalities as gangs fight a turf war

A bloody turf war in the mountain region surrounding Gómez Farías, Chihuahua, has forced the closure of more than a dozen medical clinics in five municipalities as well as the FULL STORY

The Agua Azul river in Chiapas.

‘Divine punishment’ shrunk Chiapas falls

That's one theory but authorities have a plan to return the river to its original course

There is still no definitive explanation for the shrinking of the Agua Azul river and the waterfall that shares the same name, but what explanations there are range from the geological FULL STORY

Chávez: escaped in a garbage can.

Sonora prison inmate escapes in trash can

It's like something out of a movie, says incredulous state governor

An inmate at a Sonora state penitentiary escaped on Tuesday in a garbage can, an incident the governor described as something “out of a movie.” Larry Chávez Palomares, 31, hid FULL STORY

Arámburo and her special high heels.

Designer’s new heels hide means of defense

Concealed canisters of pepper spray a response to violence against women

A textile design student from Puebla has come up with an innovative response to high levels of violence against women by combining fashion with self-defense: a pair of killer heels. FULL STORY

Truck and spilled corn on Tamaulipas highway yesterday.

Area residents clean up 60 tonnes of corn

Accident spills contents of two containers near Ciudad Victoria

More than 100 people helped themselves to free corn yesterday when a tractor-trailer overturned on the Soto la Marina-Ciudad Victoria highway in Tamaulipas. The truck was carrying 60 tonnes of FULL STORY

Police at the scene of lynching.

Suspected thieves die after Oaxaca lynching

The three allegedly broke into the home of an elderly couple and beat them

Three men died yesterday after they were lynched in Oaxaca by neighbors of two victims of robbery and assault. The lynching was triggered by a break-in Monday morning at the FULL STORY

The Guerrero seismic gap

Network to monitor Guerrero seismic gap

Observation system to be installed in area where a significant earthquake is probable

Scientists from Mexico and Japan have collaborated to develop a new network to monitor the Guerrero seismic gap, an area where two tectonic plates are grinding together and generating stored-up FULL STORY

Jaramillo, alleged massacre mastermind.

Suspect arrested for 2010 massacre of 72

Zetas cartel boss believed responsible for killing 72 migrants had been presumed dead

The presumed mastermind behind the massacre of 72 undocumented migrants in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, seven years ago was arrested yesterday in Ciudad Victoria. Martiniano de Jesús Jaramillo Silva, 56, has FULL STORY

El Tortillero, arrested in Querétaro.

Authorities capture ‘owner’ of Mazatlán

Violent gang leader used to leave tortillas with the bodies of his victims

The gang leader believed responsible for much of the violence in southern Sinaloa was arrested on Monday in the city of Querétaro. Samuel Lizárraga Ontiveros, 34, was head of Los FULL STORY

Partially finished bridge on the highway to the Oaxaca coast.

Work on new highway to resume next month

Oaxaca governor's announcement indicates project is not dead

The governor of Oaxaca announced yesterday that work on a new highway to link the state capital to the Pacific coast will resume next month, allaying concerns about its future. FULL STORY

Sales: money unspent.

Money for prisons has been left on the table

States have not taken advantage of funds allocated for their improvement

Riots, abuse, gang control and overpopulation are just some of the problems that plague Mexican prisons, but despite the issues 700 million pesos (US $36.5 million) allocated for their improvement FULL STORY

Marijuana cannon found in Sonora.

Authorities seize marijuana launcher

Modified bazooka was found in a van at Agua Prieta

Federal authorities seized a marijuana cannon last Thursday near the United States border at Agua Prieta, Sonora, across from Douglas, Arizona. The jury-rigged bazooka was found in a van with FULL STORY

Long-awaited highway serves as a donkey track.

Despite assurances, highway at a standstill

Previous Oaxaca government blamed for withholding funds

An ambitious project to build a new highway from the city of Oaxaca to the Pacific coast generated a sense of optimism for many residents of the southern state. But FULL STORY

16-year-old Dafne Almazán, psychologist.

At 16, psychologist is world’s youngest

Dafne Almazán is now off to law school, and aims to have a doctorate in two years

The youngest psychologist in the world has earned a master’s degree at age 16, and is now planning to earn a doctorate in a completely different discipline by the time FULL STORY